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Getting to know people


How to meet people, make friends and get involved in local lifeMaintaining a link with your community


How to meet people, make friends and get involved in local life


From culture and sports to festivals and local folk events, community life in Neuchâtel is very intense. All these activities and events provide a great way for newcomers to connect and meet local people.


The State of Neuchâtel also offers a wide range of courses, from dance and cookery to drawing, painting, languages, music or theater, all of which present opportunities to have fun and develop a good network.


Those able to invest more time in the local community will be able to join an association, help with volunteering and community work, get involved in organizing events and so on.


To find out about the activities and events in your area, simply enquire at your local commune of residence.



Maintaining a link with your community


In Neuchâtel, it is also possible to maintain links with your own community by meeting up with people from your home country or getting together with people that speak your language. Run by the State of Neuchatel, the ‘Service de la cohesion multiculturelle’ or Service for Multicultural Cohesion, helps people living in the canton to meet up. This service also occasionally organizes events for newcomers and longtime residents of the same nationality.



Department for multicultural cohesion