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A safe place

One of the safest places in the worldHigh security standards  


One of the safest places in the world


Renowned as one of the safest countries in the world, Switzerland enjoys a particularly low crime rate. This trend is even more marked in Neuchâtel in comparison to other Swiss cities. For example, it is common to see high-ranking politicians unescorted in the city; children can freely walk to school unaccompanied and play outside without fear. At night the streets are safe, thanks to a police presence that is both discreet and effective. Newcomers in Neuchatel are particularly struck by this climate of trust and security - an environment especially appealing to families and one of the key factors to settle in the region for the long term.



High security standards


In Switzerland, security in all its forms is a key concern. Whether it is safety of food, IT, construction or infrastructures, the standards imposed here are often higher than those in force in the European Union.