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Accommodation in NeuchâtelTax system | Driving license


Accommodation in Neuchâtel

Renting an apartment or buying a home is much easier in the State of Neuchâtel than in the Lake Geneva area or around Zurich. Prices are more attractive and the local landscapes and environment are outstanding. Many properties are located in leafy green areas whilst still being close to urban centers, and many more have a view over the lake, mountains or vineyards. Whether of contemporary or medieval architecture, buildings in the canton are designed to blend perfectly into a well-preserved setting, thus providing an exceptional standard of living.



Tax system

Personal income tax is dependent on several factors, cantonal and local (municipality of residence), a sliding scale linked to the level of income, family environment, personal wealth, etc. It is calculated based on net taxable income, after allowable deductions such as professional expenses, childcare fees, commute cost to work, meals, loan interest, debt, third pillar pension scheme, etc.


To further enhance the attractiveness of the Neuchâtel State, a tax reform has been accepted which will lead to a lower personal income tax burden by 2013.

Foreign nationals employed in Switzerland and holders of work permit up to the category "B" are taxed at source: their income tax is deducted directly from their monthly salary, according to three different scales.



Driving license

In Switzerland, foreign driving licenses can be used for a maximum of one year and for private use only. After 12 months or for the purpose of professional transports, license holders must exchange their foreign driver's license for a Swiss license. Procedures vary according to the country where the original license was obtained and the class of vehicle authorized. In some cases, a theory or practical test may be required. It is therefore strongly recommended that the changeover process be started at least six months before the desired date of issue.

Procedure for driving license exchange and registration of foreign vehicles