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About "Swiss Made"


Swiss Made, a label of quality par excellence | Swiss companies have a competitive advantage | A guarantee for buyers  

Swiss Made, a label of quality par excellence


As globalisation advances steadily forward, Switzerland is able to distinguish itself through its quality, reliability and the innovative character of its products and services. The ‘Swiss Made’ label is a mark of these values of excellence and is recognized the world over as synonymous with quality. The ‘Swiss Made’ label is legally protected indication of provenance. Its implications extend well beyond the sole aspect of origin. 



Swiss companies have a competitive advantage


The ‘Swiss Made’ label enables producers to position their product within international markets that are often flooded with competing products. In other words, it enables products with the Swiss stamp to stand out: the label acts as a quality guarantee and stands for recognised savoir-faire. The label therefore represents a sizeable competitive advantage for Swiss companies.


In the world of watchmaking for example, ‘Swiss Made’ symbolizes deep mastery of a trade that has been crafted over centuries. This is true both from a technical point of view (precision, reliability, water-resistance, shock-resistance) as from an aesthetic standpoint (elegance and design originality). The ‘Swiss Made’ guarantee stands for craftsmanship that respects tradition whilst constantly renewing itself through technological innovation. 



A guarantee for buyers


For consumers, a ‘Swiss Made’ product represents first and foremost a guarantee of quality and reliability. Buying a Swiss product also means supporting production methods that respect workers and the environment as well as applicable security norms.