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Cost of living


Advantageous conditions for companies | An idyllic lifestyle at an affordable price  


Advantageous conditions for companies


With rental prices 20% to 50% lower than in the regions around Zurich, Zug, Lausanne or Geneva, and with one of the most competitive corporate tax rates in Switzerland, there is little doubt that Neuchâtel is the ideal place for companies to develop their business. Industrial land and commercial spaces are available to buy or let. Thanks to a highly developed road and rail network, the canton enjoys speedy and direct access to the international airports of Geneva and Zurich as well as to large urban centres both in Switzerland and abroad.



An idyllic lifestyle at an affordable price

Renting an apartment or buying a home is much easier in the State of Neuchâtel than in the region around Lake Leman or Zurich. Prices are more attractive and the surrounding landscape is very pretty. A good number of real estate items are located in green, leafy areas, just a stone’s throw from urban centres, and often boasting views over the lake, mountains or vineyards. Thanks to architecture that ranges from medieval to highly contemporary, buildings are harmoniously integrated into this well-preserved region, guaranteeing an exceptional standard of living.

In order to further increase the attractiveness of the State, the authorities have undertaken to propose a new and improved private income tax burden.