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Safe, secure and discreet


Neuchâtel: a ‘safe’ bet | Particularly high security standardsDiscretion and respect: a daily way of life | Useful links 


Neuchâtel: a ‘safe’ bet


Reputed to be one of the safest countries in the world – Switzerland enjoys a low crime rate. This trend is even more marked in Neuchatel in comparison to other large Swiss towns. An example of this can be seen in that most high-ranking politicians or officials can be seen unescorted on the street.

Without doubt, it is Switzerland’s political stability, high standard of living and advanced levels of training and education together with very low unemployment rates, respect for laws and institutions as well as maintenance of social equality that form the key pillars of this tranquil society, making Switzerland and Neuchâtel such a haven of peace at the heart of Europe. 



Particularly high security standards


In Switzerland, the notion of ‘security’, in all its forms, is a key concept; whether for health, food, IT, buildings or infrastructure security, the norms that prevail here are often much higher than those within the European Union. 



Discretion and respect: a daily way of life


Discretion, respect and loyalty: these values may be hard to quantify but are firmly anchored in the Swiss mentality. This is reflected in the Swiss political system, which relies on the principle of consensus: dialogue and diplomacy are preferred over controversy and demonstrations. Within the professional world, business secrecy and respect for intellectual property are taken very seriously. In this way, the numerous innovations developed in the country each year – and particularly in Neuchâtel – are well protected.


The integrity of the individual is maintained thanks to Swiss laws, such as data protection. The media respects the private lives of personalities and celebrities, and the general population has shown itself to be both welcoming yet discrete towards those that have settled here, including Michael Schumacher, Barbara Hendricks, Alain Delon, Shania Twain, Alain Prost, Ingvar Kemprad, and, before them, Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin or Coco Chanel. 



Useful links


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