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Sub-contractors and suppliers

Suppliers along the production chain | Complementary skills | Support functions 

Suppliers along the production chain

Neuchâtel’s industrial activity is characterized by a concentration of diverse and complementary suppliers, all of whom represent vital links in the value chain for many of the region’s high-tech sectors. From supplying components to assembly through to high-speed machining, automated production and surface treatment, the canton’s economy is based on complete control and mastery of each stage of the industrialization process.



Complementary skills


The industrial heritage of Neuchâtel lies in the watch industry and the many micro-technology firms based here are not the only companies to harness the skills of this sector. Various techniques - traditionally used within horology - such as cutting, stamping, laser cutting, polishing, milling or chemical etching can be applied to other high-tech sectors such as IT or medical devices.

Manufacturers can also call upon suppliers within the field of mechanical engineering that specialize in turning, grinding, sheet metal or ceramic machining.


The State of Neuchâtel has several foundries and metals suppliers as well as other suppliers of other non-metal materials, ferrous or otherwise. Those in the plastics industry will easily find sub-contractors who can provide injection molds, and molded or injection-molded parts.


Companies operating in the luxury sector in Neuchâtel can call upon local specialists in stone cutting, crimping, guilloche and electroplating finishing, together with a network of suppliers able to deliver all the components they may need, from technical elements to decorative features.


The State has many suppliers operating in the field of electronics, from manufacturers of components and printed circuit boards, to contractors offering circuit board assembly or wiring.


The machinery sector is well represented in Neuchâtel and the canton demonstrates a particular skill in this domain; there are numerous companies in the area that provide measuring or precision tooling instruments.



Support functions


From quality control, planning, purchasing, logistics and inventory management to testing laboratories and clean room facilities, all the auxiliary activities needed to ensure complete control of the production chain can be found in the State of Neuchâtel.