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Human resources

A large, highly skilled talent pool | Cosmopolitan, multilingual employees | A network for recruiters | Support for training 


A large, highly skilled talent pool


With a long tradition of innovation and industrialization, Neuchâtel boasts a plethora of highly skilled talent, able to devise innovative solutions as well as execute them. From research and distribution to production, management, marketing, legal, finance and information technology, each critical link in the value chain is represented in the State or the region.

Known for its expertise in the field of the infinitesimally small, Neuchâtel has a pool of experts in leading-edge technologies, sustained by high levels of trainings across a diversified network of industries.

The efficiency and reliability of Swiss workers is widely recognized: in a study conducted by the World Economic Forum from among 14,000 business leaders from 142 countries, Switzerland ranked 1st place in the world for the third consecutive year, in terms of competitiveness.


World Economic Forum reports^report_type%3A%22Competitiveness%22 



Cosmopolitan, multilingual employees

Although French is the official language of Neuchatel, English and German - both compulsory at school - are commonly used in the workplace. With a cosmopolitan population, languages such as Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are also widely spoken.

Thanks to the free movement agreements concluded with the European Union, recruiting across borders is now a mere formality. This, coupled with the presence of several multinational companies in the region has fostered a dynamic economy with a strong focus on trade with international markets.



A network for recruiters


With an extensive network of partners in the State of Neuchâtel and beyond, the Service of the Economy  supports recruiters by strategically linking them with academic centers, vocational training schemes or with regional employment offices.


Support for training


Staff development often goes hand-in-hand with innovation, although this can come with costs. In certain circumstances, the canton can carry the financial burden of technical training, if it is a logical career development or employment transition. The result is a mutually beneficial and effective arrangement that not only helps businesses in Neuchâtel to develop, but increases the employability of the workforce.


Support for employers (french only)'emploi.asp

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