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Swiss assets

Excellent framework conditions | A hothouse of entrepreneurialism At the crossroads of international arteries Research: a top priority Exceptional standard of living 


Excellent framework conditions


Switzerland has built its success on developing products and services with strong added value. Every one of the leading edge technology sectors is represented here, the economy being driven by innovation. Each year the country attracts new companies from abroad, thanks to very attractive framework conditions and strong political support for inward economic growth:


• High productivity
• Skill hubs in all high-tech sectors
• The Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons and Goods with the European
   Union supports
• Moderate taxes
• Transferral of technologies between science and industry
• High levels of training
• Multi-cultural, multilingual workforce
• High standard of living
• Strategic position at the heart of Europe
• Modern, powerful infrastructure
• Security/safety
• Political stability
• Flexible employment laws


A hothouse of entrepreneurialism


Entrepreneurs moving to Switzerland will find an operating climate that is highly conducive to business development, with levels of productivity and competitiveness that are among the highest in the world. Corporate tax rates are very attractive and the country’s low debt ratio serves to reassure investors.


Levels of training are particularly high and the excellent universities, 'Grandes Ecoles' and polytechnics enjoy renown far beyond Switzerland’s borders. Businesses can count on a highly skilled, often multi-lingual workforce. Furthermore, labour strikes are practically non-existant in Switzerland.



At the crossroads of international arteries


Situated at the heart of Europe, Switzerland offers unique access to some 490 million consumers within the European Union. Bilateral agreements with the EU have provided Switzerland numerous free trade advantages. These accords also relate to the free movement of persons (and facilitate the possibility of recruiting from abroad), and will result in the abolition of quotas and customs restrictions previously in place for goods.

Located at the crossroads of the major international road arteries, Switzerland boasts modern and exceptionally well-developed transport links. Added to this, an optimal time-zone allows industry to work with Asia in the morning and with the United States in the afternoon.



Research: a top priority


Switzerland invests heavily in research and supports technology transfer. The country ranks 1st place for the fourth year in the worldwide index for innovation published by The Business School for the World (INSEAD) and World intellectual property organization (WIPO). It is also the country that boasts the most patents per resident.


INSEAD - Global innovation index 2014


Innovation: comparison board of the Member States with other European countries



Exceptional standard of living


Switzerland attracts a great deal of talent from abroad. In addition to the academic and professional opportunities on offer here, expats can enjoy an exceptional standard of living. Switzerland boasts a stunning natural environment of lakes and mountains, and is large enough to be cosmopolitan whilst remaining human in scale. Political stability, low crime rates, the quality of the healthcare system and vital infrastructures, together with social harmony and cordial civic relations, undoubtedly render Switzerland a very unique setting in which to experience ‘the good life’.