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Employment: a priority | Risk into opportunity | Easing the tax burden at the federal level | Useful links   

Employment: a priority


Maintaining and developing jobs in a dynamic economic climate is a priority for the State of Neuchatel. However, when it comes to changing ownership of a business, either through succession, a sale or particularly a merger, the process can be tricky.

Whether you are seeking a buyer, developing due diligence or require a legal, tax or finance specialist, the service of the economy of the State of Neuchâtel will leverage its network of experts in these fields. In addition to its role as a facilitator between contractor and the various stakeholders, the Service of the Economy can also take on some of the costs associated with carrying out an audit prior to acquisition (due diligence).



Risk into opportunity


Business transferrals sometimes go hand-in-hand with new business opportunities, which is why the role of the service of the economy also extends to offering support with development prospects. Buyers can benefit from tailored services that help facilitate the implementation of projects.



Easing the tax burden at the federal level


Corporate tax reform was accepted by the Swiss people in 2008. This revision of federal law has several components and will be implemented gradually. One of these measures provides relief from the tax burden of partnerships during some phases of transition.



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