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Growing your business

Research and products
In Neuchâtel, technology transfer (TT) between science and industry is supported by strong political will in this field. A whole range of programmes is readily available, designed to foster innovation: financing, access to specialists and infrastructures, consulting, and help for research and industrialisation.


Markets and distribution
In Neuchâtel, numerous tools are on offer to ensure that companies based here can enjoy a successful product-to-market cycle. These range from consulting and networking, financial aid, protection and patenting of inventions to commercialisation and distribution abroad.


Industrialisation et production

Industrialising your invention, developing new tools for production, optimising flow, growing productivity: all are essential for a dynamic industrial base. In Neuchâtel, companies can rely on a network of local partners that offer cross-disciplinary skills that may not always be available in-house.


Business transmission

Spin-offs, successions, sales, mergers or discontinuation of family ownership: Neuchâtel’s Service of the Economy calls upon a network of specialists and provides a personalised support to help you turn a potential risk into a valuable opportunity.