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Markets and distribution

Protecting inventions | Winning new markets | Agreements with the European Union   

Protecting inventions


A fertile ground for innovation, Neuchâtel State has given rise to a number of innovations that have revolutionised daily life. Protecting intellectual property (IP) is thus of vital importance. Whether you need to register a patent in Switzertland or abroad, obtain approval or certification, Neuchatel state’s Service of the Economy will put companies and individuals involved innovative projects in contact with specialists who can help with the IP process, which can sometimes be quite complex. In some instances, the Service may even be able to cover expenses related to this.


Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property



Winning new markets


Exhibiting a new product at a trade show or international convention allows companies to not only get seen and known, but also to meet – and hopefully win over – prospective buyers from all over the world. In certain cases, the Service of the Economy can provide a direct contribution in the form of financial support. In the same way, companies can request assistance when developing market studies, as well as rely on the Service's network of partners abroad, including embassies, consulates and Switzerland Global Enterprise - the official Swiss business network.



Agreements with the European Union


Agreements on the free movement of goods signed with the European Union in 1999 not only allowed Switzerland access to 490 million consumers in the EU but also marked an end to the customs quotas and restrictions that imports and exports had previously been subject to. An undeniable advantage for the State of Neuchâtel, which has a strong export economy!