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Industrialisation and production

Optimizing production | Increasing efficiency 

Optimizing production


Neuchatel has made innovation its trademark for many centuries. This expertise extends well beyond the canton’s ability to devise cutting-edge solutions, as practical applications are often produced in the canton. Moreover, the development of technological advancements follows an almost systematic design of machinery or advanced instruments, thus paving the way for new industrialization process. Indeed, even in the 19th century, Neuchatel was an industrial pioneer, introducing automated production lines and mechanical manufacturing facilities in the textile and food industries.



Increasing efficiency


Now more than ever, Neuchatel’s ability to adapt production methods to new requirements is a demand made on a daily basis. When companies do not have the necessary resources in-house, they can call upon a wide network of providers or establish valuable partnerships with the many skills centers that are located nearby. These partnerships are primarily based on the need to develop a new production or on innovative methods that increase productivity both in terms of time and cost, or flow optimization. Neuchatel Service of the Economy supports companies who want to maintain their competitive advantage by putting them in touch with partners (ARD centers) that are most likely to meet their needs. In some cases, financial aid for industrialization may be granted, such as a partial coverage of costs related to certification, for example.